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His Family Background

Looking to encourage growth, jean claude Chalhoub ( expanded his company to serve customers across Africa, Asia, Europe and Asia. At present, Chalhoub directs and runs the company that offers insurance and reinsurance that was developed and established by his father in the late 1940's. Due to the head-start his upbringing granted him, Jean Claude Chalhoub is well-equipped to deal with all elements found in the corporate environment.

Jean Claude Chalhoub went on to expand the organisation in several other regions such as France, Canada and Latin America. Chalhoub, after joining his father's business and learning each and every aspect of the organisation as an employee, was selected by his father to support him in directing the company. Jean Claude Chalhoub’s movement to his next position was nicely timed; it permitted him to get started with an already internationally recognised company. His outstanding leadership abilities and his great results in generating growth herald the lasting success of the business.

He was assisted in learning Italian, Spanish, Arabic, English and French by the great number of tourists visiting his native country. In the late 1950's, Jean Claude Chalhoub was born into a corporate family dwelling in Egypt. His birth place - and family - played a significant role in transforming his character into who he is at present. Jean Claude Chalhoub is descended from the owner of an international insurance and reinsurance company director.

Jean Claude Chalhoub is endowed with spectacular communications skills; these allow him to engender a good amount of trust amongst the people that he interacts with. As a young entrepreneur in the insurance and reinsurance business, Jean Claude Chalhoub possesses some amazing personal skills. Customers have the ability to communicate directly with him with ease, due to the fact that he can communicate in up to five languages. It is clearly of advantage to him being able to interact in numerous different languages, making it so much simpler for him to comprehend the complexities of the disparate industries that his company operates in.

Becoming a Member of the Family Business

The experience Jean Claude Chalhoub has gained from the varied roles he has performed in the company has left him with a significant comprehension of all aspects. Chalhoub established himself as an employee of his family’s business after finishing his education in France. Chalhoub has been able to acquire a rich understanding as well as technical experience regarding the market, environment and the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation itself. Jean Claude Chalhoub viewed the activity of the company and the management techniques of his father on an everyday basis.